My Passion…The Valdivia Sagas


The Valdivia Dynasty

Valdivia is a four-part series that follows the exploits of the powerful aristocratic and political family, the Valdivias. Set in the lush world of 1930s and 1940s Venezuela, the world of Valdivia is filled with secrets, lies, sex, and scandal. The first book in this seriesValdivia: A Family Dynasty introduces you to decadent world of Majestad, the historic royal palace which has been the family’s residence for over two-hundred years.  In addition to this grand residence, you will meet some of the fascinating players, both servants, and members of the Valdivia clan, who know all too well the darkness that lies just beneath the surface.

The series will continue with three more books:

Valdivia: A Heart Of A Woman

Valdivia: A Dynasty Reborn

Valdivia: A Dream Of Esperanza 

To learn more about the series, check out The Valdivia Story, and Main Character Analysis sections on my website

 ValdiviaSaga - Copy

Valdivia: A Family Dynasty is  the 2013 winner of the award of excellence for outstanding achievement in Fiction. The novel is the first volume of a brand new family saga.  The paperback and kindle version are available for purchase on Amazon



Step into the incredible world of La Palacio de Majestad; a palace rich in history and outstanding opulence. For over two hundred years it has been the birthright and historic legacy of the Valdivia family. Built as a symbol of the Valdivias awesome power and overflowing wealth, it has stood testament to the grandeur and decadence of those who stand at the pinnacles of society.

In this small world of gilded privilege however, lies another darker and more ominous one; for within the palace walls lies secrets known only to the Valdivia members most tainted by them, and the most elite servants who guard them. And while those who visit upon its majestic splendor are awed by its great beauty, the illusive façade covers the truth, that behind the glittering ballrooms and shimmer of Baccarat chandeliers lies a dark world of lies, sex, debauchery, corruption and unbridled violence; where backstabbing has been elevated into an art form and betrayal is a way of life.

In this vicious world of decadence, everyone is pitted against each other, as the staff struggle against the strict and brutal hierarchy ruthlessly imposed upon them, and the Valdivia stand at the top of a dynasty crumbling all around them. The violent struggles however are ultimately a quest for survival; against the ever present evil curse that seeks to devour them all.


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  1. elynyc says:

    Can’t Wait!!! Looking forward to reading it!

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