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Poetry In Words: What It Means To Be Beautiful

If I could be nothing else But a memory Cherished into a multitude of memories In my heart My eternally human heart I know That then Truly I’ll be beautiful Advertisements

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It Takes Courage To Be Yourself

Sometime back I remember having a conversation with my mother about life and just the nature of the world in general. This was one of many, sometimes hours-long conversations I have with her on these sorts of things. But in … Continue reading

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Being A Rookie In All Things—Sucks Like Hell

At one point, every single thing on this earth was once new. Everything has its beginning, just as it does its end—and yet lately I’ve begun to feel like being labeled “new” is sort of like having the mark of … Continue reading

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Poetic Reflection: I Am Human After all

Sometimes people forget that people never forget—the pain that is so callously and thoughtlessly administered. I may mean nothing to you and you may not know me, but I—just like you—can feel. Are we so different That I am to … Continue reading

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Goddammit I’m Thirty—How In The Hell Did That Happen: A Personal Reflection

So I have, as of recently, officially entered into the realm of 3-0; the number that in my childhood days, I used to view with carefree disdain, as the epitome of ancient. And yet—with the blink of time’s eye, I … Continue reading

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Why I’m A Writer—A Book Snob Reminisces – Part One

No matter the background, life experiences or the personality quirks—every writer can trace their literary birth to a few exceptional books. These books for you may have done something for you emotionally, mentally—that hardly anything else could. It is like … Continue reading

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So What Do You Do For A Living?—I’m A Writer, That’s Right, Deal With It

There are certain questions that people ask that quite frankly get on my damn nerves. There is of course for the chronically single, the proverbial—so, when are you going to find someone? Or if you’re starting to hover over that … Continue reading

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