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Poetic Reflection: Making Love To Beauty

If I am nothing more, than a nameless phantom, walking in beauty—fucking in my ecstasy, could there be nothing more that I ask from you—in all fairness—than your undying and most endless love. I am a lover In that I … Continue reading

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Poetic Love Affair

I must confess that I am a woman haunted by love. I am haunted by love’s illusive nature and the ghosts of my past. They say it’s better to have love and lost than to have never loved at ll. … Continue reading

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Madly In love…With Love

Love is one of the most frequently used, over-simplified, overcapitalized, most objectified, and often abused word in the human language. And yet in spite of, or perhaps because of that, it is never over-rated. To love, simply, is to be … Continue reading

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