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Poetry In Words: What It Means To Be Beautiful

If I could be nothing else But a memory Cherished into a multitude of memories In my heart My eternally human heart I know That then Truly I’ll be beautiful Advertisements

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Poetic Reflection: I Am Human After all

Sometimes people forget that people never forget—the pain that is so callously and thoughtlessly administered. I may mean nothing to you and you may not know me, but I—just like you—can feel. Are we so different That I am to … Continue reading

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Now That’s What I Call Drama—Anatomy of a Novel – PT 2

The heat is on—and it’s not just on the Beverly Hills Cops soundtrack. In New York summer has come with a vengeance. Although I was a summer baby—me and heat just don’t mix. It was for this reason that I … Continue reading

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A Novelist And A Poet Dance As One

To speak eloquently, takes something of eloquence within the spirit. It rests in your ability to feel what is essential to humanity and then regurgitate that in a forms that adds a graceful brush stoke to the tapestry of beauty. … Continue reading

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Writing Like Your Soul Depended On It

Recently, I’ve decided to take a literary honeymoon, and like Jackie Gleason used to boast, oh how sweet it is. Between school work, constant editing, self-pimping, blogging, the whimsy of my imagination had to go on holiday. So it was … Continue reading

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If You Look For Me, I’m Hiding In My Writing

If you look carefully, you can find residues of a person’s soul scattered all over the place. A little bit resides in their stride, how they choose to style their hair. Their decision to wear a plain t-shirt and raggedy … Continue reading

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The Art Of Being Human—Crafting A Being From The Mind

It is a common misconception that giving birth is the final act brought forth by a woman’s labor; a myriad of agony of the highest order, ribbons of blood and piercing screams of life. This physical birth is really just … Continue reading

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