Book Snob’s Literary Picks

In my young, but of so wise and utterly fascinating life, I’ve read a lot of things. Some, in pursuit of my English degree, and others, because underneath my cool eighties persona, I’m truly a nerd at heart. Or more, a book snob, who hordes works of literature, like a hooker hordes hundred dollar bills. There’s no shame in my love affair.

Of course, in all things, there are preferences, and I certainly have mine. The refined adult in me, has come to acquire a taste in nonfiction, as well as fiction. When I’m reading nonfiction I tend to go for historical or sociological works. In particular I like to learn more about Caribbean, African/ African American, South American and Asian cultures.  For fiction, I like anything from high literary art to delectably tasteful smut. If its not designed to scare me, I’m fair game.

Over the course of my little blog, I’ll post from time to time, reviews on what I’m currently reading, or reminisce about some of the works of literature that inspired me as a writer. However here is a very short list of the things that I appreciated, and that clearly reflect my eclectic tastes. Will expand more on this list as more things capture my fancy.

Currently on my shelf…

The Black Jacobins

Slavery By Another Name

The New Jim Crow

Shake Loose My Skin

Flowers For Algernon

The Great Gatsby



Julius Caesar

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Memoirs of A Geisha

In The Time Of Butterflies

The Bluest Eye

Invisible Man

The Giver


Flowers In The Attic

Oedipus Rex

A Streetcar Named Desire

On My Book Queue…

Janis Amatuzio – Beyond Knowing

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Love in the time of Cholera

Jorge Amado’s – Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon, Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, The Violent Land

Zadie Smith’s – White Teeth

Nora Okja Keller – Fox Girl

All of these books, will get a detailed review in my Book Whore Reader’s Digest Serial


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