I suppose the first thing people think about in this section is some divulging, on the author’s part, of biographical data that is supposed to be linked in some bizarre fashion, to the material they write. Like Jane Doe is a full-time horticulturalist, and therefore is qualified to write about gardening.  To some extent, in relation to how-to-books or informational texts, there is some relevancy. I’m sure most people would prefer to get financial or investment advice, from a money-manager, rather than an auto-mechanic (although the strange hoodoo these mechanics manage to wield over cars, in always finding SOMETHING wrong with them, might not make them bad advisers on how to get cash, from unsuspecting suckers). However on a personal level, I find this to be mundane and trite. Because in actuality, the real thing I want to know is whether this book, and by extension writer is any good. I mean just because you know something, doesn’t mean you can actually write—well.

For me the question, especially if its fiction, always comes down to, is this worth reading, which by extension, means—should I spend my hard earned cash to buy this? A good book blurb may answer that question, but what about the author? What do I need to know about them? In relation to myself, I will divulge three biographical facts, which I feel are significant to my person. I am a woman. I was born and raised in New York City. And, I’m a child of the eighties.

Now the last part makes me outstandingly cool, because the eighties were just phenomenal—pure and simple. But the other two are significant, insofar that they play a large role in helping shape my identity. Above race and class, I believe one’s gender or gender identification, plays a large part in your identity and sexuality. It is also, one of your most identifiable attributes, so that I am a woman is significant. The New York City thing implies culture, and like Billy Joel, I am perpetually in a New York state of mind. The other unique feature about being born and raised in NYC, is that for anyone artistically inclined, this place is a God-send. NYC is literally a city with millions of stories, and not just about itself, but about every culture, identity, philosophy, scam, con, racial, sexual manifestation you can find. If you keep your eyes, ears, and heart wide open—feet quick, as not to step on squashed gum or dog shit—you can learn something. And if inspired—write about it.

So the most important thing you should know about moi, is that I am a storyteller, who writes not tales that are autobiographical, but stories that are deeply personal to me. I feel and identify passionately with my womanhood, and come from a place that is a mecca for stories about everything. And lastly, as an eighties baby, I define what it means to be oh so cool.


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