Poetry In Words: Inspiring Self With Self

I must confess

like so many things

to a dizzying array

of self-deprecation

unconscious aggrandizing

of self-perverted injuries

In fact

to enormous self-indulgence

of the worst kind

There are so many things

that I can blame

Except myself

Because even as my self

I doubt my own ability

of inner-implosion

just as I doubt the greatness

that would appear

If only I believed

I am

If I dare to admit

a masochist

drunken with the orgy-like glories

of my most decadent pain

But if

If I


If I can


That I am

All that I allow myself to believe

Then maybe

I should

I can

I will


To organize

a metamorphosis of my mind

into an abundance

of un-mitigating


and un-doubting



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