Poetic Reflection: Finding The Pieces Of My Soul

The journey seems to be perpetual. I keep moving forward and feel as if I’m stumbling backward. I’m trying to find the essence of me. I’m trying to live as I see myself in my dreams.

I’ve grown older

Perhaps wiser

But time still seems to stand still

I see my whole life like I’ve already lived it

My heart, in its breath, has died a thousand times

And in this

In this sheer emptiness

I simply want to open my arms

Embrace the world

And live

Truly live

One day I woke up

And found

That I wasn’t a little girl anymore

And yet I felt just the same

Age seems to be the thing that keeps moving

While you stay still

In my effervescent epiphany

I enthusiastically embrace

My eternal self

I remember what is was to dream

And truly believe

To look at the sky

And know that I could touch it

To smile and really actually smile

Laugh, while not trying to hide my cry

Now, on this side

As time keeps on marching by,

I know

In my heart of hearts

That she/ I will never die

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