Now That’s What I Call Drama—Anatomy Of A Novel—FINALE


The truth may set you free—but that freedom comes with a hell of a price. With all things that are gained, something is lost—and what is most often lost is your innocence. For this last sample preview of Valdivia: A Family Dynasty, I decided to present a scene that is in essence a theme of this book and the series. This section involves a daughter—Esperanza Valdivia—a character who will evolve to be the most dominant character in the series—confronting a truth that had long been kept hidden from her. I’ve entitled it A Daughter’s Awakening.

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BEHIND THE SCREEN IN the projection room, Aurora, along with Angélica, hall boy Jose, and Don Carlo, also eagerly caught the film. Aurora excitedly kept munching on popcorn.

Ay pobrecita,” Angélica said, as she watched a particularly moving scene.

Pobrecita!” Aurora snickered. “Por favor, she’s a major bitch.”

“Maria del Carmen? Yeah, she’s a puta in real life, but in the movie, Pobrecita.”

They all laughed.

“This is a fine film El Presidente has produced. I believe Los Americanos will be most impressed,” Don Carlo stated proudly.

“Yes. Finally Venezuelan cinema can produce some truly good stuff. Not borrow from los Argentinos y Mexicanos,[1]” Angélica said.

“Indeed. You know, I’ve always thought that El Presidente harbored a secret ambition to be a film producer and actor. The man is absolutely obsessed with movies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that genuinely excited about anything in politics as he was when making this film. It’s his baby.”

“Maybe, but I’m not so convinced that he would rather have been an actor than President of Venezuela. That man loves power far too much to just settle for that.”

     He is certainly naturally good enough to be an actor, Aurora thought with bitter cynicism. Jose said nothing, and just busily kept stuffing his mouth with popcorn, hoping no one would notice.


THE MOVIE STRETCHED FOR just over two hours, and was done at around 2:20 a.m. With a beautiful cast, gorgeous costumes, splendid acting, and heart-pounding action sequences, the movie was an unequivocal success. The whole room rose and gave a complete standing ovation. Arsenio felt as if he was on top of the world.

“Well, you have done a most phenomenal job, President Baldovinas, splendid work,” Louis Mayer stated, and shook his hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Mayer. Coming from you, I take that to be a great compliment.”

Then throwing a look toward Marie, Mayer stated, “I wonder, watching things like this, if it ever makes you miss cinema.”

“Well, I—”

“Although my daughter enjoyed her days as a screen actress, her place now is as wife to her husband, The Duke Arsenio Jr. She of course applauds the fantastic success of the president,” Georgiana interjected.

“Yes…this is correct,” Marie added quietly.

“Uh humph—well, that is splendid. I do see some things have not changed. Well, it’s getting late my friends, and of course we have another long day ahead of us. Good night, and buenos noches,” he said, smiling broadly in Maria Del Carmen’s direction.

Buenos noches,” she said, returning the grin.

With that, most of the guests exited the theater and began to make their way toward their respective suites. By the time Esperanza reached hers, she was utterly exhausted. She was surprised to see Aurora still up and waiting for her when she got there.

“You not tired?”

“A little. The movie was great!”

“Yeah!” Esperanza stated with great pride. “I thought you would be going to bed, though?”

“Sure, but first I have to collect your jewels. You know Doña Consuelo would have a fit if I didn’t have this to her by morning.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right.”

As Aurora came behind her to remove her necklace, Esperanza assisted by pulling off her own earrings.

“Did you see Príncipe Romero?” Aurora asked.

“Yeah, I saw him.”

“You don’t seem too impressed.”

“Too short, and he appears stuck on himself.”

“Too short for whom—you are 5’8”. I think you need a giant.”

“Well, I’m not so little, so yeah.”

“Most royals are pretty stuck on themselves.”

“Yeah, that’s true. I don’t know, though…just don’t like him, can’t explain it. I get bad vibes. Maybe he’s boring, I don’t know.”

“You could be right.”

As Esperanza started taking off some of her bracelets, she felt her heart stop.


“What’s wrong?”

“One of my mother’s bracelets, I’m missing it.”

“Dios, you kidding Esperanza?”

“No, oh my God, she’s going to kill me! She just gave me that this morning!”

“Do you know where you could have lost it? I’ll go and look for it.”

“Well, I know I definitely had it on when I left the drawing room, so it had to have fallen off while I was in the theater.”

“Okay, I’ll go now.”

“No, I’ll go. You’ve been working all day, and will be busy tomorrow.”

“I have the morning off.”

“Yes, I know, but still. I lost it, so there’s no sense in you going and trying to find it. I’ll just go back there and look for it myself.”

“You sure?”




Arsenio sat comfortably in the velvet seat in the front row of his theater. The night had been a roaring success—a major triumph that he longed to savor. His eyes greedily scanned the beautiful feline form of Maria Del Carmen, with her large, sparkling dark eyes, flawless skin and wavy, raven hair, as she stood confidently before him.

“Congratulations are in order, Señor Presidente, for your incredible success,” she stated smoothly.

He smiled. “Would be nothing without you. Your beauty is what brings them in.”

Si…of course. But I have often felt rather…neglected by our most honorable president.”


“Si,” she stated, as she sashayed her way toward him. “Other stars have the benefit of receiving…personal attention, from their patrons. But what of me?”

“I think you know you have my full attention.”

“But there are plenty of distractions around you…I’m not used to competition.”

He smiled at her. “Jealous, eh?”

Si, Señor Presidente…soy muy celosa,[2]” she purred.

Arsenio thought he was going to explode with desire.

“Well, we must rectify this situation, as a jealous woman is a dangerous thing.”

“Hmmm,” she moaned seductively, and abruptly he pulled her into his lap. She yelped with joy.

“Do you think I’m paying attention to you now?”

“Not nearly enough, Señor Presidente.”

“Well then, we must do something about that,” he responded, and unzipped her satin dress. The top quickly fell down, exposing her naked torso and arched bosom.

“Do I have your full attention now, Señor Presidente?”

“Si, my most devout.” He brought his hot mouth to her naked breast. Instinctively a moan escaped her lips, and she repositioned herself so that she straddled his lap and already fully erect penis. As his hands expertly made their way underneath her dress, he was pleasantly surprised to find that she wore no undergarments. He paused and cocked her a look.

“Ready, I see.”

“Always, Señor Presidente.”

Unzipping his pants, she straddled him fully, and he began to slowly lift her up and down on top of his engorged penis. Maria del Carmen arched her back and moaned as she took the full length of him in, riding him with a smooth and easy rhythm that brought her much pleasure.

Arsenio gritted his teeth as she began to pick up speed, and he felt the depths of desire in the pit of his stomach. So lost was he, that he was completely startled—both were—when they heard a loud gasp. He quickly spun around—and to his horror he saw an equally horrified Esperanza staring at him, her hand covering her mouth.


“Oh my God…oh my God!” she said, as tears sprang to her eyes.

Maria Del Carmen quickly leapt off his lap.

“You shouldn’t be here! You should be in bed…what…” he stammered, feeling his heart beat faster.

“Mi Mama…” Esperanza stated, with tears falling freely.

“You shouldn’t be here! Leave!” he thundered, and he heard her run off.


“Get the fuck away from me, puta!” he screamed, and pushed her away violently. Gathering her dress, she quickly got up and she too ran off.

Completely alone—and ashamed, Arsenio placed his own hands over his face, and wept.


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[1] Argentinians and Mexicans

[2] Very jealous


Copyright © 2013 by C.P. Desir

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