Now That’s What I Call Drama—Anatomy of a Novel – PT 2

The heat is on—and it’s not just on the Beverly Hills Cops soundtrack. In New York summer has come with a vengeance. Although I was a summer baby—me and heat just don’t mix. It was for this reason that I didn’t post (what I know was the hotly anticipated follow-up- come on y’all admit it) my next sample preview of Valdivia: A Family Dynasty yesterday. The back office in my house, where my barely able to survive computer is hooked up is pretty much hell in a miniature form; if its ninety degrees outside its probably 120 degrees in that room—and that is not a very sexy thing.

So since the heat has yet to attack that room in full form, I decided to post early (at least for me anyway) and turn up the heat in another level. This sample of Valdivia: A Family Dynasty, deals with a relationship that plays a crucial, and ultimately devastating effect in the storyline. I’ve called this section Forbidden Affair (I know a little Lifetime Movie sounding—but hey whatever works). Anyway I do hope that you enjoy.

To learn more about Valdivia visit Valdivia: A Family Dynasty is now available on Amazon Kindle.


The two lovers passionately consumed each other with intense relish.

“Ay…Ay…Ay…Por Favor…Ayyyy…”

“You’re mine…all mine…You belong to me. Now SAY IT!

Ay Papi…Ayyyy…Soy tuya, toda tuya!


Si tuya!”


Su mujer! Ay…Ay…”


DON MARCELLO, ONE HALL BOY and a junior footman stood outside the presidential bedchambers in rapt attention. As they chuckled, the loud thumping of the headboard, along with endless screams, punctuated the air.

“How many times you think it’s been?” Jose inquired.

“Three I think,” Pablo responded.

“They don’t call him El Toro for nothing,” Don Marcello quipped.


“I guess she heard you, Marcello,” Jose said, and the men erupted in laughter.

Anuncio casually made his way toward the men, a stern expression on his face.

“I suppose it is because you men have nothing to do that you stand around like twelve-year-old school boys who first discovered an erection,” Anuncio said.

The men immediately stopped laughing.

“We apologize, Don Anuncio,” Marcello stated sheepishly.

“Yeah, I bet you do. Are you babes that you’ve never heard a grown man fuck a woman before…especially him?”

“No, of course not,” Marcello replied.

“I suppose then that you’ve never fucked before, and you’re in awe of the process?”

All the men immediately reddened.

“Of course we have!” Jose thundered defensively.

Anuncio smirked. “Why so defensive, Jose? I mean, as loyal staff at Majestad, you do pledge a vow of chastity. What is it that Don Carlo always states?…Oh right, that we should serve our master and mistress as priests serve God. So are you then saying that you have broken those vows, and have indeed engaged in conduct not befitting our most honorable master and mistress?”

“Uh…no…uh…” Jose said, flustered.

“Surely La Doña would not take kindly to that.”

“And what about you, Don Anuncio? Do you always serve your master and mistress faithfully?” Pablo asked, with a venom-laced voice.

Anuncio smiled broadly. “Well, my dear Pablo; unlike you fine gentleman, I do not report to Don Carlo, and therefore I have never taken such a pledge. I have the honor of reporting directly to our most noble presidente, and as you can plainly hear, as he serves what is his, it is only natural—in honor of him—that I also serve what is mine.”

Jose couldn’t help but laugh as Pablo reddened with anger.

“Now I would highly recommend that you men find something better to do on this fine Christian Sunday, then to sit there and listen to another man wallow in sin. I don’t think he would take too kindly to having an audience.”

“Yes, Don Anuncio,” Marcello said obediently.

“And Marcello, I would strongly recommend for your sake that you get the junior staff in hand, as anything they do will go worse for you.”

“Si,” he replied. “Let’s go!” Marcello ordered both Jose and Pablo, who reluctantly left with Marcello.

Anuncio watched as the men disappeared before turning his attention back to the door. From the sound of things—most especially the loud series of moans and screams a few moments earlier—the two had finally reached their climax. He gazed at his watch—7:00 a.m.  A slight feeling of annoyance washed over him. Why must he always play nursemaid to this imbecile? From the voice of the woman, he also knew who that was, and that irritated him even more. She knew better than to still be sleeping there at this time of the morning; as usual it was left to him to set things in order.

He waited a few moments to make sure that the two would not commence again. Since they had already gone three rounds, he was almost positive that Arsenio would be well spent. A man his age would be lucky to get it up hard and strong once, so in that regard—he had to begrudgingly respect that he could still fuck like he was twenty-one. I guess he still has some talents.

He brusquely knocked on the door.

Quién es[2]?” Arsenio bellowed.


He waited a few moments.

Entrar!” Arsenio replied.

Anuncio opened the door and stepped in. Arsenio lay leisurely sprawled out on his bed, naked, with his equally naked mistress beside him. They both looked spent with their contentment.

Buenos días, Señor Presidente y Señora Villalobos,” he said.

Arsenio smirked. “Good morning to you, too. What is it that you want?”

“Well, I hate to bother you, especially as you seem so…contented…however, it’s 7:00 a.m., and breakfast will be served in an hour.”

“Oh!” Valentina said, and sat up abruptly.

And…I don’t see that this will be a problem. I’m not a woman Anuncio; how long do you think it will take me to gather myself? This is why you step in here? Or are you itching for some, as you didn’t get to visit your regular whore last night?”

“Well, Señor Presidente, if I had an itch, you know me well enough that I would have no trouble seeking one who could scratch it. As you and I are both men, I wasn’t particularly concerned about you; my visit is more for Señora’s benefit. After all, I wouldn’t want her sister—never mind her husband—to inquire as to where she is.”

Valentina’s face reddened, but as she tried to move, Arsenio forcefully pulled her back to him.

“Don’t give me that servile shit, Anuncio. I know you far too well for that. As for Catalina, if she had acted more like a wife to me, then it would be her in this bed, and she would have little to wonder about. As for la Señora’s husband—it would be good for him to wonder, as it would maybe teach him how to be a man for once in his life. No, Valentina stays with me—until I tell her—she can leave.”

“You suppose that I am not of my own mind, then,” Valentina stated.

“When you’re in my bed, baby, you’re not,” Arsenio responded, and greedily cupped her breasts. Valentina giggled, and then suddenly Sonya, Arsenio’s large German Shepherd, came bounding in, and hopped playfully onto the bed. The couple laughed happily.

“Look at that, my second-favorite bitch. Now I’ve got both of my bitches in one bed,” Arsenio said playfully, as Valentina scowled at him. Anuncio could hardly contain an eye roll.

“Did you walk her yet?” Arsenio asked.

“I figured one dog should walk another, so I suppose that should give you something to rise for.”

Arsenio laughed. “Only you, Anuncio, would I tolerate that from. Best be careful, as I could always change my mind and have your head on a platter.”

“I think it would be the other way around, sir. Anyway, I will leave you. Please make sure to be ready—on time—as it’s not my nature to have to play call boy. Your attire is all pressed and ready for you. Good day,” he replied, and quietly made his way out of the room.

Valentina let out a sigh of relief upon Anuncio’s exit. “Thank goodness.”

“For what?” Arsenio inquired, as he turned to face her, his hand affectionately petting his dog.

“Thank goodness he’s gone. That man always unnerves me. I’ve never trusted him.”

“I never supposed that he was one to be trusted. He did serve your father well, though.”

“Yes, that is the problem; too well.”

“Well, your sister seems to appreciate him. She’s the reason why he’s still here.”

“My sister isn’t all that far away from our father as she thinks. And anyway, since he first came here, he’s always had a preference for her.”

“Anuncio is opportunistic. I think he could easily access who the future of the palace lay with, and he always places his bets with the winners. Not that you aren’t important, my dear, but you certainly wouldn’t have what it takes to rule things.”

Valentina rolled her eyes. “Nor would I want to,” she stated, and casually popped a cigarette in her mouth. She took a long and elegant puff.

Arsenio watched her with warmth in his eyes. In her pure, sweat-drenched nakedness, she was utterly magnificent to him.

“I should have waited for you,” he stated, his voice deep with emotion.

She smiled at him softly. “And what good would it have done you? I could never have given you all this.”

“It wouldn’t have mattered. I would have had you.”

“You say this, and yet in three months you’ll be celebrating twenty-two years together as husband and wife in a grand gala.”

Arsenio rolled his eyes. “Yes, but only eight of those years have actually been as husband and wife. There has been nothing between us for well over a decade.”

“You have only yourself—and me—to blame for that. Catalina is not a woman who knows forgiveness, and yet she provides most graciously. I think you would have always been great, as that is in your nature; but you would not have reached nearly the heights you have without her.”

Arsenio scowled. “I despise when people tell me such things. As if she would have been where she is without me! I am no slave to a woman!”

“Of course you aren’t, darling,” she stated, caressing his chest affectionately.

“I just wish things could have been different. That I waited…then I could have you. You are mine now, but you would have been mine in name, and I could love you as I choose, in the open.”

“What difference would it have made if you’d waited? You know my father would have never permitted such a thing, as he could never marry the second daughter while the first remained unmarried. Besides,” she said, as she took another puff of her cigarette, “I think you lie of your sentiments toward Catalina. I think you feel more than you wish to acknowledge. I’ve always felt that she was far more suited to be your wife than I. As much as we have between us, with our temperaments and mutual whoring, it would have disintegrated quickly.”

“But it would not have been that way if we were married. I would need no other woman if you were my proper wife.” With that, Valentina burst out laughing.

“Oh come now, Arsenio; don’t play that con with me. The beauty between you and me is that we could always be our most honest with each other. No bullshit—so don’t mess that up by starting with that now. You know damned well that you are a dog by nature, and I have never been born to submit to a man, so whether we were married or not, we would still be the exact same two people.”

“You think I would be so forgiving of your whoring if you were my wife?”

“If you are none better, what difference would it have made?”

“The difference is between man and woman, cariño.[3]

“And what would you have done to me?” she purred.

“Fucking killed you.”

“Oh,” she said, and giggled. “And just how would you have gone about that?”

Arsenio threw a sharp look at Sonya, who immediately understood the command and obediently hopped off the bed. Then propping himself up, he carefully placed himself on top of Valentina, and placed his large hands on her delicate neck.

“Like this. I would have placed my hands on you, and choked the fucking life out of you.”

“Really,” she said, and adjusted herself more firmly beneath him.

“Yes,” he said in sternness. “I would have done it slowly; choked you until you couldn’t breathe, and then stopped to let you get air, so that you would think I was being merciful toward you. Then I would start again. I’d play with you as a cat does a mouse before it finally devours it. Every breath that you had, I would fucking choke out of you.”

“And would that give you pleasure, Señor?”

“Si Señora, it would. It would give me great pleasure to kill with my own hands the bitch who betrayed me.”

“Then I suppose this is why we could never have been married. We would both mutually devour each other. As lovers, we can stand in the truth of who we are, and enjoy each other for it.”

“And what is this truth?”

“That I am a spectacular whore, and you the greatest son of a bitch that has ever walked the earth.”

Arsenio smiled as he felt himself harden again.

“You make a man out of me,” he said, and lowered himself to her.

“That is what a good whore does. I didn’t think you had any juice left, Señor Presidente.”

“For you baby…always,” he said, and kissed her deeply.

Pulling away, Valentina smiled up at him.

“I suppose we are perfect then. This is love?”

Cariño, eres el amor de mi vida,[4]” he replied, and took her once more.


Well I hope you enjoyed. Check back next Monday for the next sample preview. To view last week’s sample click here.

[1] My woman

[2] Who is it

[3] Darling or love

[4] Darling, you are the love of my life


Copyright © 2013 by C.P. Desir


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