Poetic Because I Love Beauty

I am poetry. My mind weaves in symbolism. My words are like a dance that steps to the melody of my soul. And when I flow—I love. My essence in pure form; I am an artist—watch me make love to creation.


Tears of renaissance

Give birth to my naked soul

I dive

In the springs of Aphrodite

Just so that I can bathe

In beauty

And even if I lived ten-thousand lives

My heart will stay

Forever open,

Overflowing with pure love


I am nothing

If not





Bejeweled without adornment

Sparkle without effort

Clarity without distillation

In me flows the soul of infinity

And I glow

Like the bedazzled black silk

Of black diamonds splattered across the skies


The progeny

Of psyche

Need not exist

To exist

The thought

Is immortal

Rivers of eternity

Run through it

And when I flow

Like the smoothness

Of a perfect smile

I know

That even when I know

And even when I don’t

That my breathe

Is a collective consciousness

Beating a billion times

Into the ever after

Of forever

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