Scattered Pieces Of Me: A Poetic Rhapsody

I tried everywhere to find myself, but instead see only scatter. Bits and pieces of my broken soul spewed out all over the sidewalk. When I looked deeply within each piece of reflection, I saw my hidden memories staring back at me. All my elements divided—an instant—a breath of history. And I stood there—gazing blindly—trying to put it all together. Who am I, I ask myself. Who…am…I?


I find that

even when

I’m with them

I am truly

never there


Others wonder

The secret of my mystery

It’s simple really

While they’re not looking

I take it all in

And swallow my tears

with laughter



I’ve been writing poems

without names

I’m so empty

And like Shakespeare

I wonder what’s in it anyway


I love metaphors

It allows me to say

what I always wanted to say

Only, in code


All I ever


was for him

to touch me


I look for

that spectacular verse

that will elevate me

to metaphoric ecstasy

I hold on tight

But the words

still escape me


I asked my heart

what could I do

to make him

love me

It paused for

a second

And told me…



Oh didn’t he know

that silence

was the worst

blow of all




is nothing more

than your heart


to be caressed




when others

aren’t looking

I cry


In the quiet,


Its just me

and the word


God made me

So then

Am I not beautiful

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