Poetic Ramblings Of Freedom

After venting myself, in a semi articulate manner on yesterday’s post, I’ve decided to engage in a little free verse and give a poetic response to it. Nothing outstanding—simply words pouring from my brain, forming in my soul.

I thought my mind was mine

but really I never owned it

For all that I am

All that I thought I could be

Was merely

an elitist eloquence

systematically regurgitated


I seek not nirvana

nor idealistic spiritual isolation

Merely the





To look in the mirror

and see the truth



in a word

is so divine

The seduction of supposed epiphany

simply orgasmic

However the ego’s trip

Masterfully hides

That perfumed elitism

is merely


superbly disguised


In all of my flesh

In my full

nippled breasts

In my exposed


Privacy does not exist

For I am utterly naked

and I know nothing

I see nothing

But I am…




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