Poetic Love Affair

I must confess that I am a woman haunted by love. I am haunted by love’s illusive nature and the ghosts of my past. They say it’s better to have love and lost than to have never loved at ll. To be honest—I have my doubts about that.

But the experience of it, especially at its glorious beginning, is something out of this world. No other emotion, experience or moment, can come close to that natural high. That’s why the fall is so spectacular—and utterly devastating.

Even now, several years later—I can still taste what it feels like. And that memory of the taste keeps my wounds ever fresh. The only benefit of the experience is that it can generate the greatest explosion of creativity, which for me, manifests itself poetically. I write stories that I imagine could be. I write poems that I feel inside of me.

So here it is, a poetic love affair in a nutshell.

the rise

Man, I’m so into you

I feel like I swallowed the sun

My heart is glowing

inside my smile

And when you smile,

I’m bout ready to gift-wrap my soul

so that it can nestle comfortably

within the spaces in between your heart

Who’d ever thought

Love would need only a few seconds of formation

To last for a lifetime


when love deepens

I remember the dimples

the most

The way they burrowed

so deeply into his cheeks

It was the first thing

that caught my eye

That dazzling display of masculine perfection

Turned magnificently into a smile

It was practically a metaphor

For perfect beauty

And right there,

In that instant

My heart was forever spell-bound


the fall…

Can you believe that I miss you still—

Even though I know

you never cared enough to miss me

I miss all the moments

we never had together

But that I believed so intimately, could be

The conversations

The stories

The memories

That we never got to create

But what I miss most of all

Is the dream

that I longed to live

That died

Just as



And quietly

As the love

Inside my heart


broken pieces of self…

the hardest part about falling in love

being in love

staying…in love

is the emptiness

that nestles right inside your chest

when that love leaves you


And in conclusion—that nothing is lost—all is transformed

At least you gave me poetry

If I have nothing else

But the nakedness of my unhealed wounds

And the shattered remnants of my soul

I still have my words

Gift-wrapped into an artist’s cocoon

I may have nothing else

But ghosts of haunted memories

nestled deep into my womb

But I have thoughts

I have words

And most of all

I have poetry


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