Corporate America Sucks—Seriously; A Writer’s Tale At Self-Discovery

Okay so ranting about corporate America is not new, and certainly not literary minded. It is however a story—and for a while it was my story, so I suppose I should go into the details about that. Rarely do I divulge biographical data (privacy and trust are two fundamentals for me), but this played such a big role in my life. My journey into pursuing my writing career rests largely on this incident, so I feel compelled to share this tale.

Several months ago I quit my office job. It wasn’t a plushy job, and certainly not one that left me sleeping in a bed of money. But it was a job—a job; a treasured commodity in these tough economic times. I of course had other resources, and no issues with food and shelter (which if you do, think HARD before you consider making such a jump). My reasons for leaving were varied, but when it boils down to it—I hated my job.

Hating one’s job is almost as American as apple pie, so I’m not unique in this. But what I hated the most was how angry I felt. I was angry at my manager (note to readers: I NEVER use the word “boss”. Call it a latent narcissism on my part, or an inwardly rebellious streak, but no one other than myself, deserves to hold that title over me), angry at my co-workers, angry at the company, and just plain pissed off. Now you may think that I’m just a mean, pissed-off, bitch all the time, but honestly—you would be wrong. I am a person, however, who hates to sit, stew, and brew. Whenever that begins to happen, I know it’s time to carry my feet to another path.

So I left, and what did it cost me? Economic comfort and a serious depletion of my savings. Not pleasant. But what did I gain? Well, in the months since I’ve joined the ranks of ex-corporate refugees, I’ve written four novels, and am in the process of self-publishing one of them. I am creating my own website, started this blog, and have re-entered the institute of higher-learning, which hopefully, this time around, earns me a decent paycheck.  The moral of the story? Misery—especially at work—shouldn’t be a necessary component to life. If you don’t have another mouth to feed aside from your own, and have the means to do it, then like Robert Frost said, take the road less traveled. Nothing is a guarantee in life, and Yahoo career advice sucks. Leaving that godforsaken place was the best thing I could have done for myself. And I was able to do what I dreamed of doing. I’m not wildly successful—yet, but I figured why not roll the dice on myself for once. Risk nothing—gain nothing. And besides…my story isn’t done, yet.

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5 Responses to Corporate America Sucks—Seriously; A Writer’s Tale At Self-Discovery

  1. Congrats on your decision, and best of luck with self-publishing!

  2. Bob Fagnant says:

    Yes , congrats. I’ve run my own business for 26 years and there’s nothing like being on your own!

  3. thedj4461 says:

    Reblogged this on The View from The DJ booth and commented:
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