The Good, Bad Or What The Bleep Gave This Person The Impression They Could Write—Pt1 My Favorite Things.

It’s time for the literary goddess to share her opinion on a few of her favorite works of literature. In terms of personal preferences, I tend to view myself as an eclectic. I read a lot of different things, but not everything. As a rule I generally prefer fiction, non-genre specific. Outside of fiction, I like historical texts, and a select few of really exceptional autobiographies. For the most part, I tend to avoid self-help or self-improvement (however they liked to be styled) books, because even the best written ones, feel at times preachy, and as I tend to see myself as inwardly rebellious, I generally don’t like people telling me what to do and how I should do it.

Now if I was to categorize my tastes, I’d say it ranges from classy to tardy. On the classical side, a short list of some of my favorite novels and plays would be: Oedipus Rex; Macbeth; Julius Caesar; Jane Eyre; A Tale Of Two Cities; Frankenstein; The Great Gatsby; Their Eyes Were Watching God; Autobiography of Malcolm X; Joy Luck Club; Memoirs of A Geisha; In The Time Of Butterflies; 1984; Flowers for Algernon (one of the most poignant) and Roots—to name a few. English major choices aside, the personal, more down to earth girl, who loves nothing more than to curl in a cushy deluxe comforter and get lost in a good book, was for many years, addicted to V.C. Andrews (or whoever was ghostwriting the rest of those series). My high-school allowance was usually spent on two things; the 99 cents five-piece chicken nuggets at Wendys ($1.07 if you include the tax—and if I had more cash, I’d spend $3 to get fries and a drink) or a V.C. Andrews novel which usually was around $7 at my small local Barnes & Nobles. This was heaven to me, and after years of selective purchasing, I amassed a pretty impressive collection of her books, which have sadly gotten lost in the dark abyss of my basement, which even my late cat wouldn’t go near. But of course those were the sweet days.

After Andrews, I graduated to Nora Roberts, who I am still very much a fan of. Aside from being a writing machine—which say what you will, has got to be respected—I think she is a fantastic writer. Her stories are clear, entertaining, well-written, and for the most part, well researched in terms of providing her characters with really interesting careers.

There is of course more, but it would be too long and tedious to go through them all. However as a final note, I will say, that like many a woman in this country, I did get sucked into the Fifty Shades Trilogy, and aside from being impressed at an author who uses sex scenes as fillers (like whoa—first time EVER, that I actually had to skip, through a sex scene), I thought it was not a bad story. Although I had mixed feelings on the series overall—something to be discussed in a later post.

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