What is confessions of a literary goddess?

Hello all. Today begins my foray into the world of blogging. I suppose an introduction of sorts is necessary. My name is C.P. Desir, and I am a writer—a novelist and poet, if you are looking for specific terms, although I believe what I do is bigger than that (to be explained in greater detail in a future post).  The purpose of this blog is multifaceted. First, it is a vehicle to foster discussion on the written word; primarily novels, but I believe in examining all aspects of storytelling—fictional and non-fictional, or great screenplays. Anywhere where the word is spoken and broadcast for public consumption.

My second reason (and in all honesty this should be the primary, but an inherently modest nature, restrains me from placing it there), is for self-promotion of my work. I am currently writing a brand new series. The first book which will soon be available is Valdivia: A Family Dynasty. I’ll go into details later, on this particular passion of mine, but it’s something I thought I’d share.

Finally, I wanted to create a forum for burgeoning writers, readers, or just those who love to get lost in a good book. This is not a pretentious, academic, dissection of texts worthy of the literary canon, but rather an open appreciation of good storytelling in whatever form it takes. I welcome all comments, as long as they are free of malice. Differences of opinion and critiques are acceptable, and debates engaging, but crude, rude, or just blatantly nasty are not. Random bits of madness or long-winded political rants are also not acceptable, and will most likely be deleted. Other than that, I’m open to all comers. So whether you are just a silent participant, or active commentator, I sincerely hope that you enjoy!

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